Pune Prabhag boundaries : three layouts over 15 years, synchronized maps.


Instructions: Click/touch and drag to move the map around. Use the zoom control on top left or +/- keys to zoom in or out. All three maps will move together, and mouse cursor position will be copied.

Click on links to download the shape files.: Green : 2017-present (41 prahags) | Blue: 2012-17 (76 prabhags) | Red: Pre-2012 (144 Prabhags).
The 2011 Census data for Pune is as per the pre-2012 144 prabhags.

Map prepared by Nikhil VJ, DataMeet Pune Chapter, India. Contact : nikhil.js [at] gmail.com.

Please contribute if you appreciate this work and would like to see more of it!

Using Leaflet, Leaflet.Sync plugin and Scenic tileset from Mapbox. See the code on github.

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