Get all vids of a youtube user, channel or playlist

Disclaimers: The file saving features on this page work well with Chrome/Chromium browser; not so much with other browsers. One user has complained that it doesn't work on Firefox. So, please use this tool on Chrome/Chromium browser and feel free to code and contribute fixes.
The functions running on this page are mostly recursive asynchronous calls : one function calling itself for the next iteration after a valid response is received. Hence, with larger numbers of videos, give it time.

1. Enter inputs

Your Youtube API Access Key: | Click here to get your Access Key
Uploads Playlist Id: | Click here to find playlist Id (requires username or channel id)
Number of videos to fetch: | will start from latest | Click here to calculate the total number of videos (requires the playlist id)

Page Token to start from, if any: | In case you want to pick up where you left off and not have to cycle through the ones already covered

2. Basic Listing

Output: (in CSV format, copy-paste to a spreadsheet)

3. Full vids info

Click this only AFTER your vids have finished loading above

Note: This will send one API request per video. Watch your quota.


Note: Press the buttons below only after status shows all vids have been fetched. Else you'll only get what's been done so far.

4. Detailed data

If you want more details of each video, like views, counts, description

| |

Note: The description is escaped to HTML chars using encodeURI() function, to accommodate multiple-lines. Please use decodeURI() to decode it

5. Extra Info

nextPageToken's List (In case you want to pick up later where you left off)

By Nikhil VJ. See the code. Click to Appreciate.

Youtube API Quota cost calculator As of Dec 2017,
Quota cost of Detailed data Per video : 5,
Quota cost of each batch of 50 playlist items : 3
See Limits and Quotas on API Requests